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Four Wheels to a Fortune

Mr Charles Mitford Cust

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Four Wheels to a Fortune

Four Wheels To A Fortune A Guide To Motor Trading: From £150 To A Ferrari In 4 Years Four Wheels To A Fortune is a classic and absolutely true rags to riches story of motor trading in the halcyon 1990's, the principles of which are still just as relevant today. This classic book is extremely informative, written in a very humorous style, and beautifully illustrated by Paul Sample, the world famous cartoonist. Often described as the "ultimate professional motor trading guide" it is still regarded as the de-facto Bible of the Motor Trade. A best seller of it's time, this highly entertaining classic is a must read for the car enthusiast. The author, Charles M Cust, starting with just £150, earned enough from part time Motor Trading whilst as a student, to buy his own Ferrari in 4 years, as well as building a full time Motor Trading business. In "Four Wheels To A Fortune", he shows you how you can do the same. His true story was the subject of several articles in the motoring press including Autocar, and was also independently verified by the skeptical Advertising Standards Authority of the time. If you want to learn the inside secrets of the motor trade this is the book for you.

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