A Little Taste of Jamaica - Andrea Walters - Bøger - AuthorHouse - 9781456714161 - 11. mars 2011
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A Little Taste of Jamaica

Andrea Walters

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A Little Taste of Jamaica

"A Little Taste of Jamaica" is a creation of Jamaican recipes put together as a `gift' from the author to her culture and homeland - Jamaica. Its sole purpose is to help preserve the "Jamaican Culture" I have found out while living here in the United States of America, that there are many Jamaican families whose parents, grand parents, aunts or uncles know how to cook Jamaican food, but their children or grand children have not inherited the culinary skills owned by their ancestors. They long to cook like their parents, but have not been taught. The purpose of this book is to preserve and pass on the culture, the recipes, and a taste of the "Jamaican Food". Many restaurants and cooks would love to cook "Jamaican Style", and some have tried and have fallen short. Jamaica has developed a popularity for certain of its foods. People of different nationality have tasted, and desire to taste again or even prepare this food. I give you "A little taste of Jamaica". Allow it to impart knowledge through its recipes, giving a fresh perspective on cooking "Jamaican Style Food". Open its pages! ....enjoy Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Oxtail, Curry Chicken and more!! mmmh! mouth-watering!

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Utgitt 11. mars 2011
ISBN13 9781456714161
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