The Chessboard Killer - Desmond Farrelly - Bøker - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781482500103 - 21. februar 2014
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The Chessboard Killer

Desmond Farrelly

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The Chessboard Killer

In Moscow, Joseph Darko, a chess obsessed psychopathic serial killer enraptured with disdain for human life, is on a macabre mission to become Russia's most notorious serial killer. There, once peerless New York cop, Jack Wolfe has charged himself with an equally morbid task; that of drinking himself into an early grave. Currently working for the Muscovite police force, investigating a case that up till now has barely kept his interest 'The Bittsa Park Maniac' murders - little does he realise it is about to become the most important case of his life. In Granada, Spain, Luke Callaghan, an American college student studying abroad for a year is about to embark on a drink fuelled Spring break vacation across Eastern Europe; the Vodka trail. His first destination - Moscow. These three lives have been set on a collision course - destined to meet. Hour by hour they edge closer to the point of impact and when these lives eventually do come together none will ever be the same again...

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Utgitt 21. februar 2014
ISBN13 9781482500103
Utgivere CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf
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Mål 127 × 18 × 195 mm   ·   326 g
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