Solstice of the Heart - April Garner - Bøger - Trafford Publishing - 9781490747491 - 24. oktober 2014
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Solstice of the Heart

April Garner

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Solstice of the Heart

The first novel, Catch a Falling Star, is an emotional journey about being willing to trust, the risk of loving again, and the pain of letting go. Michael, Sera, Anni, Joe, and DJ become a united family as they deal with events that forever alter their lives, including the loss of one of their family members. Blood Moon on the Rise continues their journey as they struggle to move forward and mend emotional wounds from the past. Their lives become complicated by the arrival of a stranger that leads them to discover deeply buried secrets that threaten to alter the course of all their lives forever. The final novel in the trilogy is Solstice of the Heart and picks up where Blood Moon ends. Solstice means a change of seasons, and more changes are about to take place for DJ, Joe, Anni, and Sera. While they try to understand all that has transpired, it becomes evident that no one is safe and the consequences have never been higher. Can they make it through this crisis, or will their family be torn apart forever? Will the past continue to haunt them into the future? What will it take to survive? Solstice of the Heart is a delightful story that gently mixes a good dose of fear and mystery, a sprinkling of humor, and a dash of spiritualism, creating a masterful recipe for a psychological thriller with a side order of romance. Well-crafted and easy to read, Ms. Burnaugh moves the plot along and keeps you engaged with her characters to the end. Once you have read the entire trilogy, you will never forget these characters, as they will have become part of your family.

Media Bøker     Innbunden bok   (Bok med hard rygg og stivt omslag)
Utgitt 24. oktober 2014
ISBN13 9781490747491
Utgivere Trafford Publishing
Antall sider 212
Mål 16 × 140 × 216 mm   ·   403 g
Språk Engelsk  

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