Hero Myths & Legends of the British Race - M. I. Ebbutt - Bøker - Theophania Publishing - 9781770831735 - 31. mai 2011
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Hero Myths & Legends of the British Race

M. I. Ebbutt

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Hero Myths & Legends of the British Race

It may be that to some people that heroes may not seem heroic, but there is no doubt that to the age and generation which wrote or sang of them they appeared worthy of remembrance and celebration, and it is the object of this retelling to come as close as possible to the mediæval mind, with its elementary conceptions of honour, loyalty, devotion, and duty. It often happens that one person sees in a legend only the central heroism, while another sees only the inartistic details of mediæval life which tend to disguise and warp the heroic quality. Beowulf The Dream of Maxen Wledig The Story of Constantine and Elene The Compassion of Constantine Havelok the Dane Howard the Halt Roland, the Hero of Early France The Countess Cathleen Cuchulain, the Champion of Ireland The Tale of Gamelyn William of Cloudeslee Black Colin of Loch Awe The Marriage of Sir Gawayne King Horn Robin Hood Hereward the Wake

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Utgitt 31. mai 2011
ISBN13 9781770831735
Utgivere Theophania Publishing
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