Alternatives to Exclusion from School - Pamela Munn - Bøger - SAGE Publications Ltd - 9781853964572 - 3. mai 2000
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Alternatives to Exclusion from School

Pamela Munn

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Alternatives to Exclusion from School

Exclusion from school is a major concern for teachers, parents and children, and features in government initiatives to tackle social exclusion. This book takes a broad look at exclusion, mapping the extent of exclusions and showing what factors can lead to children being excluded, whether permanently or informally, from school. The authors focus on various kinds of in-school alternatives to exclusion. They show how schools and teachers can make a difference to young people's emotional and social development, as well as to their cognitive-intellectual development. For many children with difficulties in their families or communities, school can be a safe and supportive refuge. School is also much more than just the subjects

196 pages, 1, black & white illustrations

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Utgitt Storbritannien, 3. mai 2000
ISBN13 9781853964572
Utgivere SAGE Publications Ltd
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Mål 233 × 157 × 11 mm   ·   298 g

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