Voice Disorders and their Management - Freeman, Margaret (University of Sheffield) - Bøger - John Wiley & Sons Inc - 9781861561862 - 1. desember 2000
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Voice Disorders and their Management 3. utgave

Freeman, Margaret (University of Sheffield)

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Voice Disorders and their Management 3. utgave

This book describes the problems that people can experience with their voices, either by vocal misuse, psychological and physical stress, laryngeal pathologies or neurological disorders. Chapters are contributed by clinicians who have special interest and expertise in voice disorders and their management and treatment.

300 pages, Illustrations

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Utgitt USA, 1. desember 2000
ISBN13 9781861561862
Utgivere John Wiley & Sons Inc
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Mål 157 × 234 × 28 mm   ·   567 g
Redaktør Fawcus, Margaret
Redaktør Freeman, Margaret