Serve to Profit: Butterfly Leadership - Tina Monberg - Bøger - Straagaarden - 9788799786503 - 28. november 2014

Serve to Profit: Butterfly Leadership

Tina Monberg

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Serve to Profit: Butterfly Leadership

In Scandinavia, we are well experienced in creating platforms which are rich in trust. The Danes are not only the happiest nation in the world, but also the most trusting. Therefore it is obvious for us to base our business and leadership model on trust, freedom and enabling people to make their own decisions. Most of us go to work to fulfill our need for recognition, respect and self-actualisation. We want to demonstrate our passion and our highest potential, and according to Maslow, we are first happy, first when this is possible. People who seek self-actualisation feel deeply connected to their social and environmental context. Silos offer neither freedom, meaning or opportunity for development. The rigid mechanics of Industrialism has put a stop to these kind of motivating factors. As a result, it is not so strange that the business culture of the silos is now characterised by stress, inertia and lack of meaning.

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Utgitt 28. november 2014
ISBN13 9788799786503
Utgivere Straagaarden
Antall sider 244
Mål 14 × 140 × 216 mm   ·   285 g
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Medvirkende Gitte Larsen

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