Start a Revolution: Stop Acting Like a Library - Ben Bizzle - Bøger - American Library Association - 9780838912676 - 11. desember 2014

Start a Revolution: Stop Acting Like a Library

Ben Bizzle

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Start a Revolution: Stop Acting Like a Library

But this is how we've always done it! Objections to taking a fresh tack are about as common as budget shortfalls, and the two are more closely related than you might think. At the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library in Arkansas, Bizzle and his colleagues defied common practices by using creative risk-taking in marketing and outreach to transform their library into a dynamic institution that continues to grow and thrive. Here they recount their story, sharing techniques for success alongside a provocative marketing philosophy that will spur libraries to move beyond their comfort zone. Focusing on creative ways to pull patrons in rather than just push the library out, this book

-Steers libraries towards defining their brand, explaining why it is crucial to meeting the needs of their users and potential users

-Offers strategies for getting stakeholders on board and engaged, including how to address budgeting concerns

-Demonstrates the importance of the library s website as the digital main branch of the library, with guidance for creating and promoting it

-Details the systematic marketing campaign undertaken at the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library, encompassing both traditional and new media channels such as billboards, posters, newspapers, TV and radio, and mobile technology

-Takes the mystery out of how to use social media platforms as public awareness tools, complete with detailed strategies and step-by-step instructions

-Shows how to pull it all together into a manageable campaign through strong leadership and teamwork

By the time readers have finished this book, they'll have a roadmap for revolution at their own institution.

216 pages, black & white illustrations

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Utgitt USA, 11. desember 2014
Opprinelig utgitt 2015
ISBN13 9780838912676
Utgivere American Library Association
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