Mio's Kingdom - Lindgren, Astrid (, Sweden) - Bøker - Oxford University Press - 9780192731975 - 7. juli 2011
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Mio's Kingdom

Lindgren, Astrid (, Sweden)

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Mio's Kingdom

After a chance meeting with a genie in the park, young Karl travels to Farawayland where he learns that his true name is Mio, and that his real father is the king. There he receives the love that he craved, but never had, from his foster parents back in Stockholm. But an evil tyrant terrorizes the land, and Mio is the one who must save the kingdom.

144 pages, black and white

Media Bøker     Pocketbok   (Bok med mykt omslag og limt rygg)
Utgitt 7. juli 2011
ISBN13 9780192731975
Utgivere Oxford University Press
Genre Childrens Books
Antall sider 144
Mål 137 × 197 × 10 mm   ·   112 g
Språk Engelsk