The Essential Truth - William Andrews - Bøger - MADhouse Press LLC - 9780991395811 - 12. november 2014
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The Essential Truth 1. utgave

William Andrews

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The Essential Truth 1. utgave

WINNER OF THE 2008 MAYHAVEN AWARD FOR FICTION from the author of Daughters of the Dragon - A Comfort Woman's Story WHEN THE FOUNDER of Jacob and Marin Advertising mysteriously dies, Ben Smith must take over just as their largest account comes up for review. He becomes the victim of dirty tricks when he confronts the billionaire head of a rival advertising agency, Sheldon Hanrahan. Sheldon runs the re-election campaign for William Howard and Ben's agency runs the campaign for Howard's challenger. Sheldon needs the Senator to win big so Sheldon can get him elected President to impose his radical vision on America. The stakes are high, and Sheldon is a powerful and cunning foe. But Ben has secret allies behind the scenes. THE ESSENTIAL TRUTH is full of suspense, mystery, action and plot twists. And it reveals the quirky personalities and workings of an advertising agency. A lighter read than DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON, THE ESSENTIAL TRUTH is an entertaining, "Couldn't put it down" book.

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Utgitt 12. november 2014
ISBN13 9780991395811
Utgivere MADhouse Press LLC
Antall sider 314
Mål 20 × 152 × 229 mm   ·   449 g
Språk Engelsk  

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