Mirror's Heart - Murandy Damodred - Bøger - Mirror World Publishing - 9780992049041 - 27. november 2014

Mirror's Heart

Murandy Damodred

NOK 219
Forventes levert 21. jun - 3. jul

Mirror's Heart

This isn't what I wanted... Ten years after the revolution that won Mira Calanais the right to live her life as she pleases, she finds herself wracked with guilt over what she had to do to make her world a better place. Remembering the man she once loved and the sacrifice he made, Mira realizes there is still one last mission for her to complete; save Hope from Caralain's clutches. Caralain Dashar seems to have it all; a career most would envy, her old Generals to do her bidding, and the former 'Avatar of the Light' her prisoner, but she wants more and has been waiting long years for her chance to finally get everything she's ever dreamed of. In a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Mira and Caralain go head to head and come face to face with their pasts and their worst fears, while the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Can either of these women succeed in changing the world a second time, or will their desires come at too steep a price?

Media Bøker     Pocketbok   (Bok med mykt omslag og limt rygg)
Utgitt 27. november 2014
ISBN13 9780992049041
Utgivere Mirror World Publishing
Antall sider 366
Mål 21 × 152 × 229 mm   ·   535 g
Språk Engelsk  
Medvirkende Sara Biddle

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