A Woman's Hand is Taken - Tamara A. Suell - Bøger - AuthorHouse - 9781418498009 - 19. oktober 2004
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A Woman's Hand is Taken

Tamara A. Suell

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A Woman's Hand is Taken

Are You Ready for Love and Marriage? A Woman's Hand Is Taken, AWHIT, is an inspirational book for single women in the church that have interest in marriage. It consists of forty courses to help you grow spiritually. The material covers every thing from believing God for a husband to planning and preparing wedding activities. The courses instruct you to strengthen your relationship with Christ, so he can present you a chaste, virtuous and radiant bride that's ready to have her hand taken in marriage. The aim of AWHIT is to inform you to date and prepare for marriage without backsliding and compromising your faith. Being a virgin herself, Suell practices what she teaches. As she holds on to God's hand and allows him to prepare her for marriage, she reaches out to others and encourages them to do the same. This former pastor's daughter has an earned MPA in health services administration and has been saved consistently since 1981.

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Utgitt 19. oktober 2004
ISBN13 9781418498009
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