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Sin City High

Phil Cummings

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Sin City High

Fighting to survive and graduate high school in 1960's Las Vegas under the shadow of Vietnam he must learn to cope with brutal cops, conniving snitches, lubricious tarts, pill freaks, junkies, hookers, speed freaks, gurus, whacked-out inverts, thuggish bikers, brutal cops, insane parents, psychotic dwarves, malignant demons, and greedy pimps as he seeks peace , love and satori in the grimy desert backalleys of Sin City, This action-packed Odyssey is written in the punchy style of Charles Bukowski, Raymond Chandler and Hunter S. Thompson, mellowed by the author's lifelong devotion to the cool, simplicity of Orwell and with a red-hot temperature that could only come from an intensive study of the steaming artistry of porno masters Michael Perkins and S. Clay Wilson. With over six hundred hard-edged graphic drawings which run the gamut through MC Escher, Rick Griffin, S. Clay Wilson and Tom of Finland and geared to addle the brains of the most jaded sophisticate or the dullest illiterate, Paul's picaresque journey is stunningly illuminated so that every eye can see and every mind can grok the fullness of this voyage from Sin City to Edge City. So load up your bhong, grab your Zippo and settle back, fasten your psychic seat belt and get ready to blast off, back to a time when love was free, dope was cheap and a country was driven to screaming madness by its own fatal pride and the advent of mass communication insanity. This book will grab your ass like an angry Rottwieler and not let go until you finish the last page and scream for MORE!

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Utgitt 2. april 2010
ISBN13 9781451530186
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Medvirkende Phil Cummings