More Than a War Hero - Virginia Hallman - Bøker - Xlibris, Corp. - 9781453538128 - 18. august 2010
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More Than a War Hero

Virginia Hallman

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More Than a War Hero

"This is the saga of one of World War II?s top heroes. The author, who
is also the widow of this hero, attempts to portray the quality of
life that leads him to perform the daring feat that merited the Medal of
Honor, our nation?s highest award for military action above and beyond
the call of duty. The act of valor took place on the Brittany peninsula in
France. This was the area where the Nazis housed and operated their
submarines to terrorize Atlantic shipping."

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Utgitt 18. august 2010
ISBN13 9781453538128
Utgivere Xlibris, Corp.
Antall sider 82
Mål 5 × 152 × 229 mm   ·   131 g
Språk Engelsk