Chronicles of Avonlea - L. M. Montgomery - Bøger - Aegypan - 9781463898502 - 1. juli 2011
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Chronicles of Avonlea

L. M. Montgomery

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Chronicles of Avonlea

L. M. Montgomery's Chronicles of Avonlea isn't a novel (as are the other volumes we have done in this series). It's a volume of short stories, like "The Hurrying of Ludovic," the tale of Theodora Dix's hurrying a too-thoughtful suitor to the altar, with the help of Anne Shirley; "Old Lady Lloyd," a proud and sad woman whose life has escaped her; "Little Joscelyn," who is a fine, fine singer . . . a dozen tales, all tolled. They've all got Montgomery's wit and her insight. If you are a fan of novels like Anne of Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables. You'll love these tales. The full contents of this volume are "The Hurrying of Ludovic," "Old Lady Lloyd," "Each in His Own Tongue," "Little Joscelyn," "The Winning of Lucinda," "Old Man Shaw's Girl," "Aunt Olivia's Beau," "The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's," "Pa Sloane's Purchase," "The Courting of Prissy Strong," "The Miracle at Carmody," and "The End of a Quarrel."

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Utgitt 1. juli 2011
ISBN13 9781463898502
Utgivere Aegypan
Antall sider 194
Mål 14 × 152 × 229 mm   ·   453 g
Språk Engelsk  

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