Do Banana Peels Flush? - Suzanne D. Watson - Bøger - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781479188697 - 18. oktober 2013

Do Banana Peels Flush?

Suzanne D. Watson

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Forventes levert 21. jun - 3. jul

Do Banana Peels Flush?

"When this newspaper asked me to come in and have my photo taken for their publication, I said 'Sure, no problem.' Just a head shot, they explained, nothing below the shoulders. So why was I standing in front of the closet debating about which of five pairs of pants to wear?" Suzanne puts a humorous twist on those daily happenings that each of us experience. The author makes us chuckle with her "legacy pants collection", hip-huggers from the 1970's that she is bequeathing to her daughter. She ponders vitamins labeled "sugar-free, wheat-free, and yeast-free"-which means if you use them in baking, whatever you make won't rise. And, how many of us have spent airline flights breaking into "small packages of pretzels wrapped in industrial-strength aluminum foil"? The stock market isn't off limits as the author talks about "Insider trading", a term used to describe those of us who sit inside glued to computers watching the stock market go up and down. And, Suzanne touches on technology in "Old Computers Never Die; They Just Loose Their Memory." With spot-on wit, this treasury of humorous stories and observations will keep the reader smiling with many "Aha" moments while reading from cover to cover.

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Utgitt 18. oktober 2013
ISBN13 9781479188697
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