Be Transformed by the Spirit of the Living God - Sharon Dutra - Bøker - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781479188710 - 30. september 2011
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Be Transformed by the Spirit of the Living God Lrg edition

Sharon Dutra

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Forventes levert 20. jun - 2. jul
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Be Transformed by the Spirit of the Living God Lrg edition

This book is a compilation of 14 individual studies that relate to some of the real, hard life issues that all of us face. Sharon Dutra has spent many years overcoming her own life-destroying addictions and problems, some of which led her through several near-death experiences. With the Spirit of our living God working in her and through her, her life was transformed entirely. Sharon shares in Be Transformed how a life-transformation can also be made yours. Sharon uses her thoughts and comments, intermixed with many Bible Scriptures, to highlight her key points. The book is now going into its 2nd printing, as it has been so well received since its first publication. It is being used by various denominations with their Pastors approval, by individuals, Men?s and Women?s Groups, Couples Ministries, brand new Believers, to lifetime Christians, as well as people who do not share the faith. This book is also being used in several prisons. Be Transformed Ministries is working to provide more Be Transformed books to prisoners and those in rehabilitation centers. An inmate is even now translating the book into Spanish. Pick up your copy today, and see if it might also begin a transformation in your own life! Watch for book 2 coming in the near future. ?BE Transformed?!

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Utgitt 30. september 2011
ISBN13 9781479188710
Utgivere CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf
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Mål 16 × 216 × 279 mm   ·   480 g
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