Lorentz Transformation for High School Students - Sauce Huang - Bøger - Trafford - 9781490747422 - 25. september 2014
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Lorentz Transformation for High School Students

Sauce Huang

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Lorentz Transformation for High School Students

Lorentz Transformation (LT) for High School Students Einstein tried to prove LT back to 1905 and 1920 in vain. On page 1209 of University Physics (the Book 1 on page 12 of this book) the authors adopted the easiest way to prove LT. The way they failed is the same as the way Einstein failed in 1920 which is related to the function theory of mathematics. Why LT is so hard to prove? The answer depends on how much do you care about physics. I know that the author of this book do care about physics. The author of this book explained in detail about what Einstein was missing in each of two proofs and how the easiest way was trapped within function theory of mathematics, all in one of author's earlier books. After that, he thought, if he was able to point out the key errors in some famous proofs of LT, why didn't he try to prove LT by himself? The author has spent most of his leisure time on LT for about nine years and this book is the answer to above question. In this book, the author used some algebra and a few Cartesian coordinates. I know that both of them are all within high school mathematics. The result of the proof is that: When v = 0, where v is the relative speed between S and S' then LT is (t' x' y' z') = (t, x, y, z) for all events. When v > 0, then LT is (t' x' y' z') = (yt, -yvt, y, z). Yes, mathematically speaking, LT is so simple. I believe that you will find no mistake in any step of the proof. The proof is absolutely worth the price of this book. If you really care about physics, you will love the proof! It is very neat.

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Utgitt 25. september 2014
ISBN13 9781490747422
Utgivere Trafford
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