Cat Eyes (Forward Motion Anthology 2013) - J a Marlow - Bøker - Createspace - 9781493638475 - 30. oktober 2013
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Cat Eyes (Forward Motion Anthology 2013)

J a Marlow

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Cat Eyes (Forward Motion Anthology 2013)

Publisher Marketing: "Cat Eyes." What does it mean? 21 authors took on the challenge and came up with diverse answers. From literal cats, to idols, aliens, marbles, and so many other inventive possibilities. Genres vary from fantasy, science fiction, historical, superhero, romance paranormal, to humor, and more. The Forward Motion for Writer's Anthology is an annual showcase of the multi-national writing talent at the venerable writer's group. The 2013 edition includes an active table of contents with works by: Cat Scratch Feeder - Anne Alias; The Meeting - Lazette Gifford; Eyefall - James K. Earl; A Council of Cats - S. E. Batt; The Hair Loss Reversal Spell - Ashe Elton Parker; Souls in Tiny Hands - Parrish Riddle; Twitch of a Tail, Swipe of a Claw - Gera L. Dean; Hungry Cat - Tobe O'not; Lulu's Story - Lane Decker Davis; Autumn Storm - Necia Phoenix; Dogs and Cats - Connie Cockrell; Going Back - C. M. Clark; Breaking the Silence - Ray Beere Johnson II; The Deathstream Racers - A. J. DeVial; The Cat's Ritual - Seleane Gray; The Artifact - Jennifer Amriss; The Cat That Could Drive - Tobe O'not and S. E. Batt; Golya Kot - Susan Petroulas; The Cat's Eyes On You - Monk The Bard; Of Dragon's Breath and Cat's Eye - Catrin Pitt; Curse of the Second Date - J. A. Marlow Contributor Bio:  Marlow, J a It's said I was launched into space from birth and I haven't been back to Earth since. There might be some truth in that. As a reader I love science fiction with great plots, interesting characters, exotic locales, all accompanied by a sense of wonder with optimistic endings. As a writer, I love the same.

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Utgitt 30. oktober 2013
ISBN13 9781493638475
Utgivere Createspace
Antall sider 280
Mål 152 × 229 × 16 mm   ·   412 g

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