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Have You Got the Why "Y" Factor?

Ayo Olaseinde

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Have You Got the Why "Y" Factor?

Are You Happy? Has The World Seen The Best Of You? Do You Have More To Give The Why Factor, written by successful entrepreneur Ayo Olaseinde, is a personal story of learning from successes and failures and using them to achieve considerable success. Through the life lessons of Ayo, you too will learn how to achieve a healthy, successful and positive lifestyle. In order to become successful within the Why Factor, you need to remain open minded and willing to learn. The Why Factor derives from a characteristic within us that has been around since the beginning of mankind; asking the ?Why?? question. By re-introducing the question ?Why?? in a positive manner into our daily lives, we can develop a better understanding of life and learn to build a happier, positive and more successful way of life. The Why Factor, developed by Ayo Olaseinde, will empower you and teach you the fundamental skills needed to win life?s challenges and become successful. By learning to adapt the teachings within the Why Factor, and learning from the life experiences of Ayo Olaseinde, you are sure to achieve tremendous success in your own life, be it personal success, professional success or success at home. Join us on our mission to share the gift of HEALTH, HAPPINESS & WEALTH. ?Never, Ever, Ever Question Your Ability But Question Your Performance Daily!? ?Why Not You??

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Utgitt 9. januar 2014
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