No Flowers in the Rainforest - Inge Ginsberg-Kruger - Bøker - Gray Rabbit Publishing - 9781515423430 - 14. august 2018
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No Flowers in the Rainforest

Inge Ginsberg-Kruger

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No Flowers in the Rainforest

In Quito, three men are murdered: a German, an Arab, and a tycoon with a dark past. The murder weapon is never found.

Who has shocked this tropical paradise? Is it the natives, fighting for their rain forest home? The long-time European immigrants who built up Ecuador into a modern nation? The recent immigrants, looking to make fast money, no matter the cost? The Chinese, in South America for their own financial advantage?

No one is sure, but for one former resident -- back in town for a visit -- the Eden he once knew has become a place of terror, as he is both threatened and accused.

Inge Ginsberg-Kruger was born in Vienna, and lives in New York, Zurich, Tel Aviv and Quito (Ecuador).

She is a well-known author of: Die Partisanen Villa, in German; Benalcazar, conquistador and fundador, in Spanish; Im Regenwald bluehn keine Blumen, in German; and "Second Chance," in German. She wrote the script and provided the narration for the documentary Il ritorno de Inge, in Italian, and is the author of the German-Swiss production "Kulturspiegel."

She is also a songwriter of many hits, including: "Try again," "Gitano," "Madeleine," and the "Yodel Cowboy." She has worked with Dean Martin, Doris Day, Nat King Cole and many European stars.

She has written on travel for the Swiss Weltwoche, and appeared on many talk shows on the topic "How to live healthy and happy for 120 years."

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Utgitt 14. august 2018
ISBN13 9781515423430
Utgivere Gray Rabbit Publishing
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