The Dark Wing - Walter H Hunt - Bøker - Fantastic Books - 9781515423713 - 22. august 2018
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The Dark Wing

Walter H Hunt

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The Dark Wing

Mankind faces extinction at alien hands. The only thing standing in their way?


The birdlike zor are just one of the alien races that humanity encounters when it travels to the stars, and from the very first meeting it has been all-out war. For many years the conflicts have been sporadic, usually ending with an Earth concession and a treaty. But the zor do not respect mankind and have no intention of honoring the agreements. When the zor decide to mount a surprise attack against human colonies, the normally self-absorbed government of Earth realizes that something must be done before it is too late.

A controversial scholar by the name of Ivan Hector Charles Marais, a former admiral, is brought in to take command of the Space Navy and defeat the enemy. Marais has spent his entire life studying the zor and claims to have a plan to deal with them once and for all. With so few options remaining, Marais is put in charge of the battlefleet.

Earth just wants the threat neutralized and would be happy with a stalemate, but Marais has other ideas. He presents himself as the Dark Wing of zor mythology, destined to exterminate the zor, and unwilling to accept a return to the status quo.


"Walter H. Hunt is the new master of military SF. A rollicking, compelling, wonderful debut--the pages fly by at warp speed." --Robert J. Sawyer, Nebula Award-winning author

"The psychological warfare in the book is original and gripping. An impressive debut by a military-sf writer likely to please partisans of Saberhagen, Weber, and Drake." --Booklist

"Hunt's first novel, set in the far future, deals with the problematic issues of xenophobia and genocide while presenting a fast-paced story that should appeal to fans of space opera and military SF. Reminiscent of Orson Scott Card's military classic Ender's Game, this work belongs in most sf collections." --Library Journal

"Military science fiction from newcomer Hunt, something like Honor Harrington flavored with Babylon 5. A thoughtful debut, reassuringly familiar in shape with glints of originality and intriguing aliens: Satisfyingly complete in itself, though expertly set up for sequels." --Kirkus Reviews

"This entertaining first novel plays some welcome variations on formulaic military SF... Hunt delivers a bravura performance, especially for a new writer." --Publishers Weekly

"Here's action, adventure, and intrigue the way C. S. Forester would have told it." --author William C. Dietz

"The plot line is gripping, charged with ethical and moral questions and the struggle of one race to comprehend another whose cosmic view is radically different.... the zor are quite well developed and believable." --VOYA

"My initial impression of The Dark Wing was that it was just another flashy space opera. Later I thought it was just another dark novel about the genocide of aliens. Still later I decided it was a splendid depiction of the two sides of the Tao told in a Sci-Fi venue. Finally, I realized that this brilliant first novel was in fact all three and more... I heartily congratulate first time author Walter H. Hunt and wish him all the success he deserves." --Ernest Lilley, SFRevu

"The Dark Wing is a promising first novel and a welcome addition to the ranks of military SF." --Starlog

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Utgitt 22. august 2018
ISBN13 9781515423713
Utgivere Fantastic Books
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