Never Say No to a Killer - Clifton Adams - Bøker - Black Curtain Press - 9781515426134 - 3. april 2018
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Never Say No to a Killer

Clifton Adams

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Never Say No to a Killer

The rock was about the size of a man's head. A beautiful rock, about twenty pounds of it, and somehow I had to get over to it. The minute I saw it I knew that rock was just the thing I needed. This is going to take some doing, I thought, but I have to get my hands on that rock. Gorgan yelled, "Get the lead out, Surratt! This ain't no goddamn picnic!" Gorgan was one of the prison guards, a red-faced, hairy-armed anthropoid, sadist by instinct, moron by breeding

Media Bøker     Innbunden bok   (Bok med hard rygg og stivt omslag)
Utgitt 3. april 2018
ISBN13 9781515426134
Utgivere Black Curtain Press
Antall sider 146
Mål 152 × 229 × 13 mm   ·   385 g
Språk Engelsk  

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