He Knew He was Right - Anthony Trollope - Bøker - SMK Books - 9781515430339 - 3. april 2018
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He Knew He was Right

Anthony Trollope

He Knew He was Right

Throughout this interesting and informative book, Williamson shows the difference between suffering hardships and suffering the infringement of one's rights. She says that every truly consecrated Christian must be willing to give up the right to the normal comforts of life, to physical health and safety, to the privacy of business, and to time, friends, romance, family, and home.

Media Bøker     Innbunden bok   (Bok med hard rygg og stivt omslag)
Utgitt 3. april 2018
ISBN13 9781515430339
Utgivere SMK Books
Antall sider 838
Mål 152 × 229 × 51 mm   ·   1,39 kg
Språk Engelsk  

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