What Katy Did - Susan Coolidge - Bøker - SMK Books - 9781515431787 - 3. april 2018
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What Katy Did

Susan Coolidge

What Katy Did

What Katy Did, follows the adventures of the Carr family, who live in the fictional lakeside Ohio, in the 1860s. Katy is a awkward and untidy tomboy, forever getting into scrapes. She wishes to be beautiful and beloved. terrible accident leaves her temporarily handicapped, and her illness and recovery gradually teach her to be as good and kind as she has always wanted to be.

Media Bøker     Innbunden bok   (Bok med hard rygg og stivt omslag)
Utgitt 3. april 2018
ISBN13 9781515431787
Utgivere SMK Books
Antall sider 144
Mål 152 × 229 × 13 mm   ·   385 g
Språk Engelsk  

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