Framley Parsonage - Anthony Trollope - Bøker - SMK Books - 9781515434665 - 3. april 2018
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Framley Parsonage

Anthony Trollope

Framley Parsonage

Mark Robarts, is a young vicar, newly arrived in the village of Framley in Barsetshire. Mark has ambitions to further his career and begins to seek connections in the county's high society. He is soon preyed upon by local Member of Parliament to guarantee a substantial loan, which Mark in a moment of weakness agrees to, even though he does not have the means. The consequences of this blunder play a major role in the plot.

Media Bøker     Innbunden bok   (Bok med hard rygg og stivt omslag)
Utgitt 3. april 2018
ISBN13 9781515434665
Utgivere SMK Books
Antall sider 440
Mål 152 × 229 × 29 mm   ·   811 g
Språk Engelsk  

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