Last Dance - Sandra K. Ortiz - Bøker - Xulon Press - 9781607911623 - 4. desember 2008
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Last Dance

Sandra K. Ortiz

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Last Dance

In Last Dance, Sandra K Ortiz tells the story of her daughter, Sarah. Sarah was diagnosed with leukemia during her second pregnancy. She went on to deliver not only that baby, but another baby as well. No other woman in the world has delivered two children while undergoing chemotherapy and battling cancer. Both babies are now healthy and thriving toddlers. Sarah's story is a testimony to her faith in God, her strength and courage, and to her commitment and love for her children. SANDRA K ORTIZ grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico and is a graduate of New Mexico State University. She works full time as a costume designer, is active in her local church, and has recently started an on-line ministry called "Hope for Grieving Mothers". Sandra and her husband, Robert, have lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico since marrying in 1982. Over the years, Sandra has taught ladies' Bible study and has co-pastored youth groups and children's church along side her husband. Grown sons Robby and Matthew are both attending college full time.

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Utgitt 4. desember 2008
ISBN13 9781607911623
Utgivere Xulon Press
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Mål 203 × 127 × 6 mm   ·   122 g
Språk Engelsk