Modern Psalms - Harry N. Remmell - Bøker - Xulon Press - 9781607912804 - 22. mai 2009
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Modern Psalms

Harry N. Remmell

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Forventes levert 19. - 29. mar
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Modern Psalms

What is the force that drives us, experience, reason ... or something else? It has been said that the Bible is the source of knowledge behind the reasons man has for coexisting on this planet. If the mind is an empty organ at birth, everything that is made known to a child is what someone else taught him or what he has observed. In the Bible, God's word says each of us have our own 'free will' to decide right and wrong between forms of ideas from our mind and circumstances we experience around us. Sometimes these ideas (or thoughts) are loosely connected dreams that fill our mind while we sleep. Do these dreams have meaning and substance? Are they merely disjointed thoughts in one's sleep or are they an entity to take seriously? Should we pay attention to them? Over a three year period I woke up on various dates at the same time to write the words within the pages of this book. I will leave it up to the reader to determine the driving force behind the 3:00am wake up calls.

Media Bøker     Pocketbok   (Bok med mykt omslag og limt rygg)
Utgitt 22. mai 2009
ISBN13 9781607912804
Utgivere Xulon Press
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Mål 216 × 140 × 8 mm   ·   172 g
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