Hand in Hand with the Messiah: Letters from the Messiah - Debra Stuart Sanford - Bøger - CCB Publishing - 9781771431965 - 14. november 2014
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Hand in Hand with the Messiah: Letters from the Messiah

Debra Stuart Sanford

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Hand in Hand with the Messiah: Letters from the Messiah

Hand in Hand with the Messiah is a unique collection of 365 letters written by the Messiah to give you insight into the compassion and love that He has for His People. Each daily letter holds a message for you that is inspired by Scripture. Each page helps you grasp deeper understanding into the character of the Messiah as He walked upon this earth. As you travel through the Gospels and examine each step the Messiah took, you will desire to take those same steps that He took spreading love and compassion to all people that cross your path. Allow the Messiah to speak to you through these letters and become real in your life. You will become the Hands and Feet of the Messiah. Enjoy your journey hand in hand with the Messiah!

About the Author:
Hand in Hand with the Messiah is filled with uniquely inspired letters from our heavenly Father for every day of the year. After many years of writing in her prayer journal everyday what she felt like were letters from Father to her, Debra Stuart Sanford felt led to publish and share with others what she believed Father was saying to her. Writing these letters from Father every day helped her grow closer to Him. She began to focus on His Voice and be strengthened by His Words that brought encouragement to her. These letters are written in third person from Father's point of view. It is Debra's fervent prayer that all readers will be blessed as she has been blessed from these letters. She also hopes this book will encourage others to listen to His Voice and write down His Words for themselves.
Debra Stuart Sanford has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for 14 years, giving encouragement to those who have been brought down by the difficulties that life sometimes brings our way. Her first book is Strength & Encouragement, and she is currently working on a third book: What Commandments Should I Obey?

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Utgitt 14. november 2014
ISBN13 9781771431965
Utgivere CCB Publishing
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