Diversity of Bird Fauna - Satish Sudhakarrao Patil - Bøger - Scholars' Press - 9783639667646 - 6. november 2014
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Diversity of Bird Fauna

Satish Sudhakarrao Patil

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Diversity of Bird Fauna

Birds are formally classified as members of the class Aves, subphylum Vertebrata, phylum Chordata, Kingdom of Animalia. They are characterized as being generally small vertebrates with feathers, scaly legs and no teeth (except in few fossil forms). They have well developed air breathing lungs, a four chambered heart and maintain a constant body temperature of about 380C - 440C. At present, biodiversity is better understood for birds in many respect than any other major group of organisms because they probably inspire more interest in humans, are often spectacular,relatively easily observed and not too cryptic to identify. In order to understand the importance of a site for birds, it is necessary to examine its significance in terms of the presence and abundance of species that occur there in different seasons. The status and nature of these species also need to be taken into account. Threat status,breeding, vulnerability through congregation and the proportion of the total population of each species that occur at the site. In an era of rapid industrial growth, species economic zone and development, it is important to have an up to date knowledge of the diversity and status of birds.

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Utgitt 6. november 2014
ISBN13 9783639667646
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