Bound to Rise - Sunil Robert - Bøger - Westland - 9789383260119 - 20. oktober 2014

Bound to Rise

Sunil Robert

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Forventes levert 22. jun - 3. jul

Bound to Rise

Corporate life is tough. Really tough. If the hours or the jargon ('think out of the box', bottomline, topline et al) don't get you, the politics most certainly will. Given that much of our waking hours are spent at work, how then does one negotiate the minefield that is the office? How does one get a life and also understand that we are much more than our jobs? Enter Sunil Robert's Bound to Rise. Its homespun wisdom and practical advice embellished with real-life anecdotes show you the way. Years of experience in varied sectors, job profiles and countries have given Sunil Robert a unique view of corporate life. This depth of understanding has been further enhanced by his avocations--sports writing, motivational speaking and marathon running. This rich mosaic of experiences gives the reader a fresh set of insights that enables him not just to survive, but 'TO RISE'

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Utgitt 20. oktober 2014
ISBN13 9789383260119
Utgivere Westland
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