Resonance - Ajay - Bøker - westland ltd - 9789384030209 - 20. september 2014
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To pak to ... A dying man s last words... A clue, an accusation or a meaningless muddle? Siddharth Rana, the Joint Director of the IB, is at his wits end attempting to unravel that mystery. Working with the blindest of clues, Siddharth has to race against time to prevent terrorists from achieving their horrific goal-an India laid low by a catastrophe of biblical proportions. This is a story that leaps across continents, gets to the heart of convoluted terrorist plots and attacks, and amazes you with its exposition of high-tech gadgetry and science. It is equally a story of breathtaking bravery, recounted at a mind-blowing pace. At its core, it is also a story about the beauty of relationships. Relationships that are beyond national boundaries and historic enmities...

Media Bøker     Pocketbok   (Bok med mykt omslag og limt rygg)
Utgitt 20. september 2014
ISBN13 9789384030209
Utgivere westland ltd
Antall sider 386
Mål 20 × 129 × 198 mm   ·   376 g
Språk Engelsk  

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