Mission: Impossible 7 - Dead Reckoning: Part 1 -  - Film -  - 7333018028401 - 13. november 2023
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Mission: Impossible 7 - Dead Reckoning: Part 1

NOK 159


Forventes levert 23. - 29. mai
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Mission: Impossible 7 - Dead Reckoning: Part 1

The "Mission: Impossible" series has solidified its legacy as one of the premier action film franchises in the cinematic world. Having grown remarkably in scale and grandeur since its inception, it is now reaching new heights with the release of "Mission: Impossible 7 - Dead Reckoning Part One".

In this riveting installment, audiences will witness Ethan Hunt and the IMF team in a desperate pursuit to prevent a horrifying new weapon from decimating humanity. As the future hangs precariously in the balance, a frantic and perilous race ensues across various corners of the globe. Ethan finds himself pitted against a formidable and enigmatic adversary, one who pushes him to the brink, forcing him to reckon with the unimaginable stakes of his mission. In this dire confrontation, Ethan grapples with the heart-wrenching realization that fulfilling the mission may necessitate sacrifices greater than he could have ever anticipated.

This chapter is a monumental testament to the grandeur and intensity that the franchise has come to embody over the years.

Media Film     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc)
Antall plater 2
Utgitt 13. november 2023
EAN/UPC 7333018028401
Genre Action
Mål 15 × 175 × 140 mm   ·   90 g
Region Region 2   (Europa)
Språk Originalspråk
Undertekster Dansk Norsk Svensk
Instruktør Christopher McQuarrie
Skuespiller Tom Cruise
Skuespiller Hayley Atwell
Skuespiller Ving Rhames
Skuespiller Simon Pegg
Skuespiller Rebecca Ferguson

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