True North - A-Ha - Musikk - RCA - 0194399822920 - 21. oktober 2022
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True North


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True North

Above the Arctic Circle, a-ha recorded their 1st collection of new songs since 2015's Cast in Steel: True North is a letter from a-ha, and a poem from the far north of Norway. Accompanied by a film, the album combines the band's visions & the talent of Norwegian orchestra Arctic Philharmonic to weave a narrative reminding us of our collective connection to the environment. This multimedia experience with a powerful narrative is unique for a-ha.

For what at once is their 11th studio album and also a very immediate document of its creation, a-ha have entered a new world. Since their world-wide breakthrough with "Take On Me" in 1985, they have always pushed forwards. Allied to this spirit of embracing innovation, True North is also a partnership between a-ha and Bodø, which in 2024 will be a European Capital of Culture - the first Arctic city to be chosen.

Media Musikk     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antall plater 1
Utgitt 21. oktober 2022
EAN/UPC 0194399822920
Label RCA
Genre Pop
Mål 145 × 125 × 10 mm   ·   108 g

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