The Visitors - Abba - Musikk - POLAR - 0602445271108 - 1. desember 2023
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The Visitors Half-Speed Master edition


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The Visitors Half-Speed Master edition

New 2LP Abbey Road Half-Speed Mastered reissue of ABBA's final album during their original run.

As the last album before the group's long hiatus (which lasted until their reunion in the 2020s), "The Visitors" holds a special place as the closing chapter of ABBA's initial era. The album is celebrated for its more mature and darker lyrical content, reflecting the personal struggles and changes within the group. Songs like "The Visitors" and "One of Us" deal with themes like divorce, aging, and isolation, showcasing a depth and introspection not as prominently seen in their earlier, more upbeat pop tunes. Sonically "The Visitors" is also one of ABBA's most sophisticated albums, with a sound that incorporates elements of synth-pop and new wave, indicating a shift from their signature pop-disco style.

Although it didn't initially achieve the same commercial success as some of their previous albums, "The Visitors" has since been hailed by critics and fans alike as one of ABBA's finest works, gaining a kind of cult status among ABBA enthusiasts.


Media Musikk     VINYL     LP   (Vinyl)
Antall vinylplater 2
Utgitt 1. desember 2023
EAN/UPC 0602445271108
Label POLAR 060244527110
Genre Pop
Mål 314 × 315 × 9 mm   ·   450 g

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