I Inside the Old Year Dying - PJ Harvey - Musikk - Partisan Records - 0720841303220 - 7. juli 2023
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I Inside the Old Year Dying

PJ Harvey

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Forventes levert 8. - 16. jul
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I Inside the Old Year Dying

PJ Harvey's first album in 7 years.

Despite the long wait, the songs on I Inside the Old Year Dying poured out ofPJ Harvey in about 3 weeks, and were subsequently recorded at Battery Studios (London) with the help of PJ's long-time creative partner, John Parish, and legendary producer, Flood.

On I Inside the Old Year Dying, PJ Harvey builds a new sonic universe placed somewhere between the opposites of life and between recent and ancient history. Expansive themes rooted in a desire to channel love and openness to the listener. Musically, it is a tactile, human album characterized by spontaneity and ideas created in the moment.

Media Musikk     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antall plater 1
Utgitt 7. juli 2023
EAN/UPC 0720841303220
Label Partisan Records
Genre Rock     Alternative Rock
Mål 10 × 125 × 145 mm   ·   100 g

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